Hbada---Help users enjoy a healthy life

Hbada---Help users enjoy a healthy life

Hbada advocates "user-centered" and "continuous efforts for human health." Excellent brand values are essential to why Liu Tao is willing to cooperate with him. The E3 series of products have been launched as early as 2021. This new release is based on the original series of products, combined with 12,000 hours of testing over the past year, to make subtle improvements to the shape and curvature of the lumbar support so that it can better fit the human waist.

The contact area of the lumbar support is increased, and the average pressure is smaller, which is more helpful in relieving abdominal muscle fatigue. It is the Hbada tone that keeps improving and always puts the user's experience in the first place, so that it can continuously improve and innovate the product; Hbada tone can examine the product from the user's perspective, and can effectively solve the pain points in life for users. It can truly change your life and enhance your life experience.

Independent research and development, innovation, and creativity

As a part of the home furnishing industry that cannot be ignored, ergonomic chairs will replace other types of chairs in the future. Sitting for a long time has become a problem for most people. In the end, every household will be equipped with ergonomic chairs. Because of this, the traditional chair industry is facing the risk of being eliminated. According to the current market share statistics, the largest share of the domestic ergonomic chair market is still Hbada. The wave of the healthy home and smart home era is still unable to shake this Chongshan of the home furnishing industry.

China's ergonomic chair industry has experienced "barbaric growth" in the past ten years, achieved a leap in scale, and has had a great influence on the world. However, problems such as ignoring user needs, disorderly low-price competition, and lack of innovation ability seriously restrict the healthy development of the industry. The domestic ergonomic chair industry is often labeled with wrong impressions such as "price-for-quantity," "imitation and plagiarism," and "cheap".

As a leading enterprise in the industry, Hbada have always been integrating ergonomic classics and innovations. Facing the chaos in the industry, Hbada continue to use the industry benchmark and establish product research and development design, packaging and polishing, sales and installation, and after-sales service. Strict standards have been set up so that every user who chooses Hbada can experience happiness from shopping, return to user needs, focus on product innovation, and truly help users enjoy a healthy life.

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